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Matthew Lattman

Vice President

Discover Personal Loans

In his current role at Discover, Matt is responsible for all marketing, pricing, analytics, product and business development for the Discover Personal Loans line of business. Through his day-to-day experiences, Matt has a first-hand understanding of the major trends in consumer lending, and the decisions large personal loan lenders are making in the current environment.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer uncertainty, confusion and misinformation abound. Matt is on the front-lines of adapting Discover’s personal loan products and communications to best meet the needs of its customers. Throughout 2020’s economic highs and lows, Matt has closely monitored the changes in consumers’ lending needs and preferences – allowing him a unique understanding of consumers’ personal borrowing behaviors.


Matt has worked in the lending space for more than nine years. Before joining Discover, Matt was the Chief Marketing Officer of Zero Financial, and there he was responsible for developing and implementing end-to-end marketing strategy for the financial technology startup. Prior to that, Matt spent six years at Capital One as head of Acquisition Marketing for the Consumer Bank. He previously held a leadership role at LivingSocial and was a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group.