The Banking Automation Summit, a new event for financial services executives, will take place November 9-10, 2020, as a virtual experience.

A new technology revolution is at hand in banking.

The digitization of banking is giving way to the automation of banking. And this Automation Age for banking has the potential to eclipse the era of digital transformation in scope, scale, import and value generation. A new paradigm for banking technology is upon us.

The 2020 Banking Automation Summit Virtual Experience is a new event that will explore and foment the Automation Age of banking, and provide a platform for industry professionals to share fresh insights, tools, trends and strategies. The Summit will focus exclusively on how automation will transform banking, especially with regard to back-office operations, risk management, data science and utilization, customer experience and more.

The Banking Automation Summit will be held virtually, powered by a leading provider of event technology that delivers exceptional online networking and AI-based matchmaking, which is crucial since we know that networking is a vital aspect of any event you attend. The AI-driven, automated matchmaking will let you schedule one-on-one meetings with other industry leaders as well as find and demo our Sponsors’ technologies. Our technology will also provide live streams of all our content, including Q&As with speakers and interactive roundtable sessions. All sessions will be recorded, and attendees will maintain access to conference content for reference throughout the year.

Being a virtual event affords us unique content opportunities beyond what you would see at a live event. The technology allows for an engaging, real-time “focus group” on industry dynamics that will deliver crucial data on current market trends. We will also host intimate online breakout sessions that allow you to chat with our exceptional speakers. And we will include the types of sessions that are present at in-person events, such as presentations, a fireside chat and executive panels, where leading executives discuss key industry trends.

The virtual event will give industry participants a concentrated opportunity for networking and education, and will provide a direct path to new connections, partnerships, technology discovery and joint ventures. With a speaker faculty made up of the industry’s leading experts, the Banking Automation Summit will provide finance executives with the opportunity to learn how to transform operations and accelerate success.

The 2020 agenda will address the state of banking automation in the wake of COVID-19 and lessons learned from the pandemic, as well as focus on how to facilitate innovation and investment to improve banking performance, efficiency and results. There will be demos from exciting new fintechs and financial institutions pursuing automation strategies. This is where banking technology is headed.

Join us November 9-10 for the Banking Automation Summit Virtual Experience.